Blix Solutions


Secure network

All customers are terminated on an unique VLAN and IP-domain, so that sniffing of network traffic and capture of IP addresses between customers is not possible.

Professional incident management

In case of incidents, proactive information is alfa omega for confidence in the issue being resolved. We provide immediate reporting of all planned maintenance and incidents through a customer mailing list, in this list we have high transparency of our challenges and provide up-to-date information about any issues that may rise.

Far reaching MPLS services

Our BGP, and virtual wavelength, and MPLS network has a reach from New York in the United States to Karasjok in the northern most part of Norway, so we are able to deliver layer 2 services with high MTU and low-latency over long distances.

Network design

All customers are directly terminated in coreswitches with a collapsed core configuration. We avoid shared capacity solutions and get the fastest possible convergence. The AS50304 network is designed for high uptime.

We have multiple redundant connections to the Internet and have our own BGP network, AS50304, which we also peer with other networks on the network traffic exchanges FIXO in Norway, SOLIX in Sweden, COPHIX in Denmark and AMSIX in Amsterdam to ensure low latency and high uptime. Our network has had IPv6 in production since the start and we have native IPv6 connections to all our transit partners and peers.

Carrier neutral

Customers can put equipment in our datacenters and choose their own upstream (carrier neutral). We provide services to traditional datacenter customers as well as telecom and/or other Internet Service Providers.


We also provide point-to-point circuits through our network.

Local Internet Registry (LIR with RIPE)

Blix Group, which owns Blix Solutions, is registered with RIPE as a LIR which lets us provide LIR and other RIPE consultancy services to our customers. This gives us the advantage of delivering unique IP addresses to our customers, which in some circumstances also can be transferable between providers.